Name: Miriam Cruz

Position: Historian

Graduation: Spring 2018

About Me:

Hello everyone my name is Miriam Cruz. I am LBSA’S Director of Publications for the 2016-2017 academic year. I am currently a third year Management and Human Resources major, with an emphasis in management. Some of the things I enjoy doing on my spare time would be traveling and going on adventures, I love working out and going on hikes, its sort of an escape from reality, I also enjoy spending time with my family on weekends. I have been involved in LBSA since last summer and it has helped me grow not only professionally but as a person. Being involved in a student lead organization like this one, opens so many doors for not only business majors but many other majors; it has helped me become more social and develop my networking skills. Being part of the executive board was something I did not think would be possible, yet here I am today, coming together with the rest of this year’s amazing executive board, to provide memorable experiences for all current and new LBSA members.

Goals for LBSA

  • Capture all of the best LBSA’s moments to share with everyone.
  • Strengthening the way LBSA communicates with everyone through social media so that we may reach more students, and interact effectively with other LBSA Chapters.
  • Keeping everyone informed of events, and the great opportunities that LBSA provides.
  • Getting to know everyone and building new friendships!