Member Benefits

Thinking about being a member? This is what LBSA has to offer you.

  1. Gain Professional Experience Develop skills in leadership, public speaking, and organizational strategies.
  2. Scholarships Four opportunities for scholarships every quarter:
    – Highest GPA Academic Scholarship
    – Most Active Member of the Quarter
    – Most Active Member of the Year
    – Alumni Scholarship founded by Alumni
  3. Internships and Jobs Job and internship opportunities, via LBSA meetings, emails, and website.
  4. Amigo/Amiga Mentoring System Members will be paired up with a current E-Board Member to gain leadership skills, socialize and meet others in the club.
  5. Community Service Events that we participate on:
    – AIDS Walk LA
    – Race for the Cure
    – Park Beautification
    – Special Olympics
  6. LBSA T-Shirt FREE LBSA T-shirt with the Annual Membership!
    (Additional fee for quarter membership)
  7. Voting Privileges Vote and nominate members for Executive Board.
  8. General Meeting Privileges Members have first dibs on food for general meetings.

Fill out our membership application, and turn it in to any of our E-board members during our meetings!