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Name: Erika Velasquez 

Position: Director of Fundraising

Graduation: Spring 2018

About Me:

Hello Hello Hello!

My name is Erika Velasquez and this is my 3rd year here at Cal Poly Pomona. I am the Director of Fundraising for the 2016-2017 academic school year and I couldn’t be any more happier! I am a Business Major pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Management and Human Resource.

I absolutely love staying busy because it keeps me active. I currently work at Wells Fargo and enjoy helping others with anything they need. I love communicating and sharing new ideas with different individuals because I like looking at things through a different perspective. I am enjoy learning new things every single day.
I first joined LBSA 3 years ago and have stood in this organization ever since. I definitely felt a special connection with this organization and I hope to grow and learn just as much as our new members. I can honestly say that this club has help me build lifelong friendships and has opened up so many doors for me.

Goals for LBSA:

  • Help LBSA receive the “Most Profitable Business Club,” for the 2016-2017 school year.
  • Get more of our members involved in our events inside and outside of school grounds.
  • Help this organization be the best business club at Cal Poly Pomona.
  • Show others all the different opportunities the Latino Business Student Association club has to offer internally and externally.

Favorite Quote:

“The two most important days of your life are the day you were born, and the day you found out why.” – Mark Twain