Financial Advisor


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Name: Adrian Banuelos

Position: Financial Advisor

Graduation: Spring 2018

About Me:

Hello, my name is Adrian Banuelos; I am the Financial Advisor for LBSA. This will most likely be my last year at Cal Poly Pomona as an undergraduate, which I might pursue my Master’s Degree in Business as a Bronco. My current major is Business Administration with an emphasis in Management. Being a part of LBSA has been a great experience, one of my best choices while in school, as there is so much to offer from good people to ways to develop and improve one’s self as well as one’s experience in school. Through LBSA I have met great people and made friends that will last for years to come; in addition, professionally LBSA has helped me network, supported me with my education, and bettered me overall for the real business world through various professional events. LBSA represents with a sense of unity and dedication what I believe in, which is family and working hard or having a good work ethic. I don’t come from the best of neighborhoods and I have to say I have struggled to get where I am today. My best decision has been going back to school, even though it was harder as I didn’t go right after high school, one thing I have learned is it is never too late to improve or better ones self. Many of the people where I come from, which is Pomona, have not done the best or have been in some type of trouble with of course some exceptions. I remember a conversation I had with a fellow student about how I got to where I am today where I said, “My friends or people I may know do things that I may not agree with or that are even illegal at times, but what they do or where I come form does not define who I am or who I will be. I define who I am and where I am going in life.” Don’t ever think that you can’t get ahead or better yourself all you have to do is try and don’t be afraid to ask for as it is out there. My goal in life is to own my own business, to give back to the community, and to help those that are in need.

Goals for LBSA:

My goal for LBSA is to help new members by introducing them to others and opportunities that can better their lives as my amigo Alberto and friend Stephany from LBSA have done for me. In addition, I want to capitalize on anywhere that I can save and get the most for LBSA’s dollar, which in turn will help us win most profitable again.

Favorite Quote:

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.”
― Bob Marley