About LBSA


Our Mission

The purpose of the Latino Business Students’ Association is to enable Latino students, as a whole, to increase their knowledge of the many opportunities in the business field and further develop each individual’s skills and abilities through participation in club events and activities. The goals and objectives of the Latino Business Students’ Association shall be conceived from the leadership and membership of the current standing group, with the main emphasis being placed on further developing the whole Latino business student. The definition of the whole Latino business student shall be seen as Latino students who can professionally, personally and socially interact and participate successfully in the business world.

Our Vision

LBSA is a professional, non-profit business organization that advances students; preparing them to succeed in Corporate America by presenting guest speakers, workshops, and networking opportunities once a week during the academic year. LBSA is open to any major and culture.

LBSA Constitution

How we empower tomorrow’s leaders…today!


Fashion Show

The fashion show prepares students to look their best. Students learn the value and proper standards of professional business attire. Models display the proper dress for business casual and business professional settings. Students gain the knowledge and skills needed to go forth in the business world looking their best.

Corporate Fair

The Corporate Fair invites our members and corporate partners to mix and network with one another. With an average of 6 corporate representatives the corporate fair provides recruitment and internship opportunities to several qualified applicants. Students from all backgrounds and majors across Cal Poly Pomona are welcome as we partake in a chance to gain valuable networking connections. This event prepares students with the opportunity to improve and strengthen their networking and communications skills.


Community Service          

LBSA believes in developing strong and dedicated leaders in the local community. Our chapter participates in at least one major community service event per quarter. We are an annual participant in the Relay for Life at Cal Poly and have partaken in numerous charitable events in the past. Our events are open to the entire community and help establish LBSA’s reputation of giving back to the community.

Join LBSA to attend these events… and many more!